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16 Jul

It seems the longer I write music and pursue the ideal of playing my own music for a living the more I wrestle with exactly why I’m leading myself and my family and friends through such a tangled web of expectation and, so often, disappointment.

and then I remember……

The wonder that washes over you when you discover a band for the first time.

Talk of “The industry” and Hunter S. Thomson’s dark and twisted hallways melt away and I’m reminded of the wonderful talent I have encountered along the way so far. musicians, writers, poets and creators that chase an elusive beauty and strive to bring people together..

Here are a few such folk I highly recommend you check out…



Rainy and Rob to Support Marcelo Andrade album launch!

23 Jan

We are really proud and excited to support the album launch of ‘African Tree’ by our great friend Marcelo Andrade at The Forge in Camden 3rd July 2013.


5 years, 70 musicians, 6 different continents

A stunning expression of the African Brazilian story

Keep an eye out for more details………