Hold on to the rhythm album reviews

14th December 2011
Rainy and The Dust are one of the top Acoustic Soul bands I’ve heard since Blues
Traveler first hit the scene in the 90s, and could easily be put on the same stage as legendary bands like Frankie Beverly & Maze. Their latest project, Hold On To The Rhythm, is 14 songs of pure awesomeness and it far exceeded my initial expectations. Other bands should listen and take notes on what real music sounds like.

My favorite song on this album is “Giving”.  This song hit me like a ton of bricks and made me realize that I can do more with my time by giving to others and leaving a lasting positive impression on others. The lead vocalist really made me feel every single word he had to say and I couldn’t seem to move past this song until the 5th listen. The music is well played and produced, laced with a mean bass, amazing percussive section and a lively acoustic guitar that all work so well together you too will have a tough time moving to the next cut on the album. This song is a AAA+ on my personal scale.

Every song on this project is incredible but, songs like “Look Up”, “Gotta Move”, “Hold On To The Rhythm”, “Message”, and “Pinch of Silver”, all stand out to me.

Overall, I’d say Rainy & The Dust are without a doubt one of the best Acoustic bands I’ve heard in years, and I recommend checking them out.

Review by: Senseitional
2nd February 2012
I sat down on Chichester station platform at 6 a.m. to make a start on this review of Rainy and The Dusts new album ‘Hold On To The Rhythm’. The title doesn’t give much away and I braced myself for an early morning dose of generic pop. It turned out I was to be disappointed. The opening track, ‘Look Up’, has kicked off with some cool Afro-Caribbean rhythms with an underlying funk/soul feel. Rainy’s voice was edgy yet still beautiful and perfect for the music he was singing. The chorus was catchy with pretty witty lyrics. I listened to the rest of the album with a much more open mind and found that all the songs have a positive, upbeat feel (even the slower ones) and what takes you first is how understated, but simultaneously involving the music is.

That may sound pretentious but the songs are light and fun, never overwhelming if they are just background listening and incredibly rewarding to listen to in-depth. The four piece band from Bath have put together a relatively unique sound based primarily in the singer/songwriter acoustic guitar area but with enough added instruments (a load of percussion as well as banjos and woodwinds) to make every song interesting and different. There are influences all over the place, with Blues, Americana, Bluegrass, African rhythms, Funk all being big features with some side offerings of latin and chilled-out soul. You could draw a comparison between this and Jack Johnson’s early material but, in my opinion, just better. Rainy’s vocal harmonies are spot on and every note played is built around making every chorus catchy.

And this is the true triumph of the album. There are fourteen tracks, a relatively large album, and every track is great. Even a snobby music critic who vomits at the first note of a guitar due to his perforated ear drums would have trouble not tapping his foot and smiling ear to ear upon hearing this album. My favourites from this album include: ‘Look Up, Hold On To The Rhythm’, ‘Warm Wind’ (there is a great Zero 7 sound sitting in the woodwind harmonies), ‘Lift’, ‘Giving’, ‘Message’ (though I am not a fan of the sax licks in this), ‘Pinch of Silver’, ‘Just A Key’ and ‘Caught The Weather’. For those of you who are hard of counting, that is nine. Nine tracks that I would happily (and have) listened to on repeat for days on end. Even the tracks not included in that not-so-short list are well worth a listen.

I don’t want to write anything more about this album because it is wasting time you should be spending on buying a copy. Now go, you know what to do.

By Nick Pike
2nd February 2012
Reviewer: LS Radio
Band: Rainy and The Dust
2012-02-21 13:16:26
Gotta Move
Beautiful harmonies that wouldn’t be out of place on a Crosby, Stills and Nash creation mixed with the calming tropical sound of hand drums makes for a great combination. Stick on your headphones, select “Gotta Move” and feel content.
– Rob Dewis
Reviewer: Bailrigg FM
Band: Rainy and The Dust

2012-02-10 12:33:58

‘Gotta Move’ is a happy upbeat song with the use of delicate guitar riffs, percussion, and tight harmonies. The use of the second guitar playing rhythm adds a reggae feel as it is playing on the offbeat. The vocals sound great, with the backing vocals complimenting very nicely. A great feel good song.

– Laura Cockram
Reviewer: Pete Donaldson
Band: Rainy and The Dust
2012-02-08 12:47:39

Gotta Move

It’s not an insult to say my Mam would adore this track. She’s Simon and Garfunkel’s biggest fan. ‘Gotta Move’ is spectacular, in the loveliest way possible.
Reviewer: Simon Li
Band: Rainy and The Dust

2012-02-07 17:14:23

Gotta Move
Another Acoustic offering.
This has a vague African / Jamaican feel with lovely percussion, and an acoustic guitar that wouldn’t be out of place on a Paul Simon album. Good vocal harmonies but may be lacking a little in character.

Tasteful but reserved – I wonder if they like upsetting anyone?

Reviewer: RaW
Band: Rainy and The Dust
2012-02-03 18:34:18
Gotta Move
Rainy and the Dust bring forth a quaint little track that would perfectly compliment a lazy summers day. It has a sweet and cheerful childish charm to it with its light, airy vocals that match the endearing lyrics and delicately plucked guitar with great ease. This band are the perfect soundtrack for any chilled out evening or long drive home where their subtle charm would instantly light up the atmosphere. It would be great to see them at any indie or folk summer festivals where they would certainly draw a huge crowd.
– Anishka Sharma

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